Book of Grievances: #LegoLivesMatter

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As you may beginning to notice, Ryan is a common denominator in these grievance reports....

(Events as recorded today, 5/10/17)

Elaina's side of the story:

(translation: "Ryan, Ethan are being mean to me. (hearts) Daddy" She clearly knows how to work her side of the story...)

Ryan's version:

Verdict: Squeaky-E wins this one if for no other reason than she knows how to suck up.

Book of Grievances: A Shocking Situation

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This incident didn't so much involve a disagreement between children but rather our eldest (Mister-E) doing something really dumb that could have killed him or burned the house down. I suppose this event could be classified as 'Ethan vs. electrical outlet.'

Ethan's description of events:

Verdict: Everyone's still alive and the house is still intact so I suppose we'll chalk this up to a lesson learned.

Book of Grievances: The Lego House

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We already knew who was at fault in this incident, therefore we only made the perpetrator write in the Book of Grievances. Because she violated the book's rules (1 full page of writing) we made her do an extra chore at home.

Ryan's version:

Book of Grievances: The Potty Kerfuffle

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(As recounted by my children on 4/16/17)

Elaina's version of the events:

(translation: "Ryan put her leg up. -Elaina")

Ryan's version:

Verdict: Elaina shouldn't have been in the bathroom while Ryan was doing her business. However, I have no doubt that Ryan purposely swung her legs into contact with Squeaky-E. Therefore, it's a draw. No winner.

Book of Grievances: The flying toy incident

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As told by my children on 4/11/17.

Ryan's version of the events:

Elaina's version:

The verdict: It's a draw. I have no idea who to believe.

The Book of Grievances

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Every once in a while I have a parental epiphany. It's as rare (and as terrifying) as an Ogopogo sighting in Okanogan Lake but it has been known to happen. Sometime in late March, I must have been over-caffeinated or high on baby farts because at approximately two o'clock in the morning I was awakened by what I can only describe as a prophetic vision of the greatest invention I will likely ever create. I've done a few admirable things in my life, such as completing medical school, but surely this achievement will be numbered among my greatest

As I was saying, just before 2 am, I had a dream/manifestation/divination of the perfect way to curb the constant fighting and tattling that occurs with gusto in my home. My mind was so excited by what I saw that I was unable to sleep until I jotted down these three words in my phone's notebook: "Book of Grievances." Actually, what I ended up typing was 'book of fetishes' but the next morning I quickly edited the autocorrection for fear that my wife would discover the error and trouble herself that I was going to author an erotic novel (although if this were true, rest assured that it would be an excellent read!).

After settling myself back into one of the most restful slumbers of my life, I awoke and gathered my little children around me to inform them that I am starting a "Book of Grievances." From that point on, any time they want to tattle on each other they are required to take this holy book and write an exhaustive tale of the events, with at least a page of descriptive narration written in small longhand. Then, on the opposite page, they have to draw the scenario in detailed full-color illustration. Only after they've done this will I listen to their complaints.

The Book of Grievances has been enforced in our home now since that time and, admittedly, I have not been as fervent about demanding its use as I intended. I've also made a few exceptions to the rules such as: 1) the baby is exempt, 2) Squeaky-E, the 2nd youngest is only required to draw a picture of the events (although you'll see that she does a decent job at writing too), and 3) if they're annoying me I sometimes send them to bed before the color is added to the pictures. However, even with the Gumby rules, it has certainly helped curb more than one royal rumble in the 'House of P'. 

The book will be continued and kept as part of our family legacy. I will occasionally share some of the more interesting pages on here to entertain the masses (and by masses, I mean the tiny number of accidental visitors who stumble across this humble blog). I hope you enjoy these adventures from the 'Book of Grievances' as they are told by my little pissants.

Here are the first entries.

Ethan's version of the events:

Ryan's version:

Review: Hulk: World War Hulk Omnibus

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 World War Hulk Omnibus

Hulk: World War Hulk Omnibus by Greg Pak
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So, first of all, I want to be crystal-clear that I read this as individual issues chronologically, not as the Omnibus that will be released as a hardcover later this year. I wasn't lucky enough to score a glorious galley copy or anything like that but I have devoured every issue that this omnibus will collect and read them in the intended order. Basically, I binged on the World War Hulk storyline over a short period of time and felt that it was appropriate to review it this way rather than adding 5 different books to my shelf.

That being said, I obviously can't provide any credible information on the beauty or lack thereof of the hardcover issue that will arrive in the final copy of this Omnibus. However, I have no doubt that the book will be worth collecting for anyone who loves the Hulk and this storyline. If the big green guy is your cup of tea, then this will be over 1000 pages of awesomeness.

World War Hulk was a massive cross-title storyline that took place in the Marvel universe and immediately follows the events of Planet Hulk. If you haven't read that, then I suggest that you do. However, if you are too lazy and just want to jump in, you could probably get away with it since they flash back and provide multiple synopses of the gist of Planet Hulk. To sum it up, Hulk is pissed because he was sent to another planet where after being kept as a gladiator slave, his wife, unborn son and basically everyone else was blown up by a bomb that he attributes to several key Superhero leaders back on earth. He takes his warbound buddies and goes back to earth for vengeance and it is a bloody destructive mess.

This is a pretty big event in the Marvel universe and you'd think it would be a bundle of constant fun... and it was at first. The problem is that the same story and events were told over and over and over. Quite honestly, very little actually occurred over these 1000+ pages that couldn't have been told in a few short issues. It's a shame because it could have been so so good! I don't regret reading it all but I think that most people would be satisfied by just reading the core issues of the storyline without bothering to re-read the events in 5 other crossover titles.

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